We believe that implementing some environmentally-friendly practices can have a positive impact and generate sustainable solutions.

Our Efforts To Reduce Environmental Footprint

Some of the things we do

JupyterCon 2020 is working towards having a limited impact on the environment through careful consumption of energy and resources.

This includes, among others, electronically circulating meeting materials (online file sharing), not producing unnecessary conference material and products, choosing environmentally-friendly and socially-friendly products, as well as providing healthy food and hosting meetings and social events in central locations.

These guidelines are provided for coordinators, committees and contractors to the conference and aim to educate and inspire a continued mitigation of environmental footprint.

Some of the things you can do as a visitor

  • Choose walking! The venue is located in the city center, all hotels and social venues are located by walking distance from each other – walk and explore the city, use the public transportations or the city bikes instead of taking taxis.
  • Please follow the waste separation instructions at the venue and at your accommodations when available.
  • Berlin tap water is of very high quality. Tap water stations will be available throughout the venue. Bring your own bottles and fill them up with tap water.

If you have any questions or suggestions to the sustainability work for the conference you are most welcome to contact us on events@numfocus.org.

Please participate in an environmentally-friendly way!