Our commitment to the JupyterCon community is to create an inclusive and respectful conference environment that invites participation of people from all backgrounds, including, but not limited to gender, age, ethnicity, religion, accessibility and sexual orientation.


Berlin, Germany
10-11 August: Tutorials
12-13 August: Conference
14 August: Sprints

An inclusive environment at JupyterCon is a common resource. It is like air and water. By using Jupyter, within its extensive ecosystem, we are all participants and contributors and have the potential to positively impact our environment, both within the conference and the greater community.

D&I touches every aspect of the conference, and we have various initiatives to promote diversity and inclusivity at JupyterCon. Below are some examples:

What we at JupyterCon are doing:

  • Code of Conduct: is strictly enforced.
  • Community outreach: we are conducting outreach with community groups to involve participants from all backgrounds. If your group would like to partner with us, email the JupyterCon Diversity Committee at [jupytercon-diversity@numfocus.org](jupytercon-diversity@numfocus.org).
  • Diversity scholarships.

What you can do:

  • share and participate in the various ways: CFP reviewer, CFP submission, volunteer, attend
  • share our information with affinity groups
  • contact us with any accommodation needs
  • share suggestions with us

What speakers can do:

  • use microphone when speaking at all times
  • repeat questions asked by an audience member
  • use color-blind accessible palettes in proposals, presentations and posters (How to Design for Color Blindness)

What we all can do:

  • follow our code of conduct and communicate any issues issues
  • use inclusive language (Inclusive language, Hey Guys)
  • PacMan Rule: include others in discussion, leave space open in circle for others to join
  • use reduced perfume / cologne for asthmatic attendees

We invite you to share any thoughts and suggestions related to diversity by writing to jupytercon-diversity@numfocus.org.